Offre ANTICIPATION 2024 : 6 leurres offerts d'une valeur de 165€ pour tout achat de BAM VISIO+.




Discover the Testimonial of Jean-Charles Laroche

Manager of l’Oliveraie & Gîte de Paul – 30220 Aigues Mortes – Petite Camargue

L’Oliveraie & Gîte de Paul consists of an olive grove with the sale of the estate’s olive oil and 6 fully equipped luxury apartments for holiday letting. The mosquito issue is straightforward! The property is located in Petite Camargue, mosquito country.

« To put things in context, here we are at the Oliveraie de Paul, in Aigues-Mortes, in Petite Camargue. My name is Jean-Charles Laroche and with my wife, we manage these apartments and the olive grove.

The issue with mosquitoes is simple: we are in Petite Camargue, mosquito country. We have customers coming from all over Europe who are not used to the problem and we protect them from the mosquitoes by using Qista services. We have equipped our vast property with two traps, each covering a diameter of about 120 metres. They were both installed by the Qista managers who directed us on where to place the boxes so that they provide the best mosquito treatment.

Another interesting aspect at Qista is the Made in France side, the growing start-up side of things… They contacted us at their very beginnings and the French Tech aspect of things made us want to encourage this local company.

What was also a determining factor was the completeness of the offer. This means all the technical part we already spoke about, but also the service and after-sales aspects. I don’t have to do anything. They call to tell me “we’re coming over to replace the consumables”, I open the door, they do what they have to do and then leave. Goodbye. For me, that offer is ideal because I have no hassle at all.

Professionalism, Mosquito killers, After-sales, Maintenance. Its excellent.

In terms of objectives, we can say they were largely achieved. Both at our level because we noticed customer renewal, they come back. And at our communication level, we are able to sell Camargue and say “come to Camargue, there are not just mosquitoes. We managed to get rid of them, so come and spend a relaxing vacation”.

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Jusqu’au 6 février, QISTA vous propose d’économiser 165€ sur votre commande. 
C’est LE MOMENT de vous équiper pour vous débarrasser des moustiques en 2024 ! 
Pour tout achat d’une BAM VISIO+, QISTA vous offre 6 leurres olfactifs (pour moustique traditionnel ou tigre) d’une valeur de 165€. Réceptionnez votre borne sous 2 semaines grâce à notre livraison via transporteur et profitez d’une réception différée des leurres afin de garantir leur conservation et leur efficacité d’ici l’arrivée des moustiques en 2024 !
Nos équipes reviendront vers vous en début de saison prochaine pour l’achat des bouteilles de CO2 (nécessaires au bon fonctionnement de la borne) ainsi que pour l’installation et la mise en route de votre BAM. 

L’offre de rentrée se termine le 06/02/2024 à 23h59 et s’applique uniquement sur le produit BAM VISIO+ (non applicable sur la version URBAINE VISIO). Cette offre s’applique à partir d’une BAM VISIO+ achetée. Offre cumulable. Pour l’achat de plus de 3 bornes, contactez nos conseillers. Votre borne sera livrée sous 2 semaines. Les leurres vous seront fournis sur demande à partir du printemps 2024.