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The eco-friendly mosquito trap

The Qista mosquito trap is a truly eco-friendly anti-mosquito solution which respects people, animals and natural resources at the same time.

Scientifically-proven and patented, Qista technology is also easy to use: the mosquito trap can be controlled remotely via the Qista app. It’s the only solution which is easy to use, eco-friendly and high tech while being incredibly effective in overcoming the problems caused by mosquitoes.


Thanks to its patented technology, the professional mosquito trap attracts female mosquitoes searching for their prey by simulating a human presence. The mosquitoes are then trapped inside the machine.

The Qista mosquito solution is based on 3 steps :

In order to conserve and protect biodiversity, only the female mosquitoes in the vicinity of the areas to be protected are attracted to the Qista BAM.

Male mosquitoes and other insect species (bees, butterflies, ladybirds, etc.) are not attracted and continue to play their role in biodiversity.

60 m

Effective up to 60 meters

88 %

Up to 88% fewer mosquito nuisances


Use your trap to create a barrier against mosquitoes by making a strategic decision about where it should be installed. If your property requires several traps, they are twice as efficient if they are positioned so as to create a real barrier.

Once they have been positioned properly between the living area and an area where mosquitoes reproduce, or even around the area to be protected, the network of traps acts as a mosquito barrier: female mosquitoes trying to cross it will be attracted by the olfactory lure and sucked into the trap.

Our Qista experts will indicate the ideal place for the traps for optimal protection against mosquitoes. Benefit from Qista’s expertise straight away: receive a free set-up assessment via the Qista app or by contacting our teams.

Qista App


More than just a mosquito trap, the Qista machines are based on a combination of technologies to offer users a range of new tools :

Control your mosquito trap from wherever you are with your Qista app: turn your machine on and off remotely depending on the weather conditions (it can be configured to turn itself off) or to prepare for your holiday at your second home before you arrive.

You can also choose the capture programme associated with the type of mosquito present at your home and check the level of consumables remaining, the weather conditions and the record of mosquitoes captured.


A real public health protection tool for professionals, communities and organisations :

In a town or a neighbourhood new infestations are monitored using cross tabulation of data from the traps resulting in the creation of a map indicating the presence of mosquito populations.

This “big health data” on the evolution of populations and rates of pollution can be sent to the relevant authorities.

Eco-friendly footprint

Thanks to its natural technique, the Qista mosquito solution has a minimum ecological footprint and absolutely no health risks. Qista machines do not pollute and are not toxic to the environment.


It’s the end of customer complaints, they were really bothered by bites during meals and in the rooms. It’s an effective solution.


The Qista mosquito solution is effective due to the combined operation of two things: the trap and the consumables. The app complements the solution for optimal use of your mosquito trap.

Mechanical equipment fitted with patented technology that is used to release the consumables and capture the mosquitoes.

Recycled CO2 gas and an olfactory lure which, when released sequentially, mimic people and attract mosquitoes to the trap.

Connected to the trap so it can be controlled remotely, predefined programmes can be used and the level of consumables, capture statistics for each trap and weather data can be viewed.


QISTA celebrates its 10th anniversary with the new QISTA ONE

🎉 To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are delighted to present our new mosquito trap: the QISTA ONE

With QISTA ONE, you get simplified, affordable technology for environmentally-friendly mosquito control, with unchanged effectiveness.


Jusqu’au 6 février, QISTA vous propose d’économiser 165€ sur votre commande. 
C’est LE MOMENT de vous équiper pour vous débarrasser des moustiques en 2024 ! 
Pour tout achat d’une BAM VISIO+, QISTA vous offre 6 leurres olfactifs (pour moustique traditionnel ou tigre) d’une valeur de 165€. Réceptionnez votre borne sous 2 semaines grâce à notre livraison via transporteur et profitez d’une réception différée des leurres afin de garantir leur conservation et leur efficacité d’ici l’arrivée des moustiques en 2024 !
Nos équipes reviendront vers vous en début de saison prochaine pour l’achat des bouteilles de CO2 (nécessaires au bon fonctionnement de la borne) ainsi que pour l’installation et la mise en route de votre BAM. 

L’offre de rentrée se termine le 06/02/2024 à 23h59 et s’applique uniquement sur le produit BAM VISIO+ (non applicable sur la version URBAINE VISIO). Cette offre s’applique à partir d’une BAM VISIO+ achetée. Offre cumulable. Pour l’achat de plus de 3 bornes, contactez nos conseillers. Votre borne sera livrée sous 2 semaines. Les leurres vous seront fournis sur demande à partir du printemps 2024.