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Trap strength

Have you already discovered the benefits of the Qista Mosquito Trap to fight effectively against mosquitoes in your garden?

Designed to fight against mosquitoes with no risk to humans and the environment, the mosquito trap aims to convince even the most reluctant to clean mosquito control: forget the inconvenience of other mosquito repellent gadgets, the QISTA solution has many advantages!

Did you know that as well as decreasing mosquito nuisance by 88%, it has many advantages compared to other solutions available on the market?


You won’t hear it once it’s installed in your garden! Its patented technology makes it practically silent. When you’re right next to it, there’s barely a murmur equivalent to the noise made by domestic controlled mechanical ventilation.


The Qista Mosquito Trap is completely odourless. Its lure scent emission system does not give out any odour noticeable by humans or animals, only by the female mosquito.


Small and compact, the Qista mosquito trap fits discreetly in your garden. It blends in perfectly with the surrounding decor like a piece of garden furniture, you won’t even notice it’s there.

Easy to maintain

Trap maintenance is simple and minimal, you only have to replace the consumables each month when operational. You can do this yourself or delegate it to a QISTA technician. You just have to winterise it during off season. Discover our maintenance tips in our dedicated section: Maintaining and servicing your trap.

Large scale efficiency

Unlike some mosquito repellent gadgets on the market which only have a few dozen centimetres of range around the device, the mosquito trap can reach a range of up to 60 m. If need be, QISTA biologists can carry out a customised implementation study to optimise mosquito capture according to your terrain.

Made in France

The idea for the mosquito trap was born in the Camargue. Produced from A to Z in our workshops in the south of France, we like to favour local manufacturing and develop our know-how in order to remain autonomous and keep our production in France. Finally, we are committed to sourcing raw materials and spare parts that are made in France!


Some other mosquito repellent solutions can be toxic and dangerous to the environment or humans. Risk allergens, diffusion of toxic products, disruption to eco-systems… your family is not always safe with these solutions. Some even pose explosion risks.

The QISTA mosquito trap is completely safe. Whether for humans or the environment.

No toxicity

It does not diffuse any toxic or controversial product that could damage yours or your children’s health. Moreover, there is no risk to domestic animals.

Completely safe

The CO2 used as a consumable presents absolutely no risk of explosion or poisoning. Access to the various trap elements (consumables, electrical system, manual timer, etc.) is completely safe.


Among mosquitoes, only the female bites when she goes hunting to feed her eggs. Therefore, Qista has researched a completely selective solution that respects biodiversity and does not trap male mosquitoes or other insects.

Use of recycled CO2

An ecological benefit of the trap is that the CO2 used as a consumable is completely recycled. Qista does not produce carbon dioxide, it uses that generated by fermentation during agricultural storage or natural CO2 present underground. This food grade CO2 is similar to that used in soft drinks.

No mosquito dependency

The frequent use of pesticides has created a high tolerance among mosquitoes. These chemical and neurotoxic products are therefore less and less effective on these insects. The process The Qista process is based on trapping the mosquito and not on the widespread use of neurotoxic products so it does not increase tolerance to insecticides among mosquitoes.


The Qista Mosquito is a real marvel of technology, accessible to all from a simple Smartphone and the free Qista application.

Implementation study

The Qista application lets you carry out your own implementation study directly from your garden to determine the perfect trap installation spot for maximum effectiveness.

Remote control

This application also lets you configure and programme your trap remotely directly from your Smartphone, whether this is from your garden, your workplace or wherever. The Qista Smart BAM comes with a SIM card that receives information directly from the application through the mobile phone network.

Capture statistics

The mosquito trap come with several sensors, including a trap counter. This means you can consult the capture statistics for each of your traps and measure the mosquito level in your garden over a given period.

Automatic configuration

The weather sensors in the trap mean that it adjusts its setting automatically according to the environmental conditions, and therefore saves on consumables by up to 30%.



QISTA celebrates its 10th anniversary with the new QISTA ONE

🎉 To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are delighted to present our new mosquito trap: the QISTA ONE

With QISTA ONE, you get simplified, affordable technology for environmentally-friendly mosquito control, with unchanged effectiveness.


Jusqu’au 6 février, QISTA vous propose d’économiser 165€ sur votre commande. 
C’est LE MOMENT de vous équiper pour vous débarrasser des moustiques en 2024 ! 
Pour tout achat d’une BAM VISIO+, QISTA vous offre 6 leurres olfactifs (pour moustique traditionnel ou tigre) d’une valeur de 165€. Réceptionnez votre borne sous 2 semaines grâce à notre livraison via transporteur et profitez d’une réception différée des leurres afin de garantir leur conservation et leur efficacité d’ici l’arrivée des moustiques en 2024 !
Nos équipes reviendront vers vous en début de saison prochaine pour l’achat des bouteilles de CO2 (nécessaires au bon fonctionnement de la borne) ainsi que pour l’installation et la mise en route de votre BAM. 

L’offre de rentrée se termine le 06/02/2024 à 23h59 et s’applique uniquement sur le produit BAM VISIO+ (non applicable sur la version URBAINE VISIO). Cette offre s’applique à partir d’une BAM VISIO+ achetée. Offre cumulable. Pour l’achat de plus de 3 bornes, contactez nos conseillers. Votre borne sera livrée sous 2 semaines. Les leurres vous seront fournis sur demande à partir du printemps 2024.