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Maintenance and servicing of your Qista trap

Already using the Qista mosquito trap? Here is some advice to keep it effective and maintain your machine.


To maintain the effectiveness of the mosquito trap, the consumables (lure and recycled CO₂) should be replaced every month or every 2 months, depending on the model you have. If you have a connected trap, you can monitor the status of the consumables via the Smartphone application.

Running out of consumables would allow mosquitoes to rapidly settle in the protected area. A female mosquito can lay up to 200 eggs every 48 hours. Once the larvae have hatched, thousands of mosquitoes would invade your outdoor spaces.

Changing the gas filter, an important step

The gas filter ensures the proper functioning of the mosquito trap. Its action makes it possible to filter the impurities released in order to avoid clogging and blocking of the solenoid valve. It is therefore essential to replace it once a year, preferably at the start of the season.

Replacing the consumables

The consumables should be replaced every month. The olfactory lure starts losing its effectiveness after 30 days and is no longer potent enough to attract female mosquitoes from a distance. Its effectiveness decreases gradually making it useless.

The CO2 operates in the same way as a conventional gas cylinder, it empties as it is used. A CO2 cylinder used with a Qista machine provides 1 to 2 month of diffusion for a 15-hour per day programme (average Qista recommendation for significant trap effectiveness in a moderately infested area). For highly infested areas, daily programming must be increased and the CO2 will be used up faster. So you might need to replace it more often, depending on your usage. For other areas, daily usage of 10 to 15 hours will make it possible to use the canister for over one month.

Conservation of consumables

When you purchase refill pack for the entire season, you may need to store them somewhere before using them. You can store mosquito lures for up to 6 month at room temperature and not variable, as long as the box remains closed. As for the CO₂ cylinder, make sure it is always closed, even when empty. Store the CO₂ cylinder in an open, ventilated area.


Your traps are located outdoors and as a result become soiled by natural phenomena (dust, sap, resin, bird droppings, rain residue, etc.).

They are very easy to clean. First, wash the trap using a sponge and soapy water (you can also use your usual multi-purpose household cleaner). If the trap is very dirty, repeat the operation. Then rinse using clean water, dry, and your trap will be as good as new!

What to do if there are resin or sap stains? Just rub the stain using a cloth soaked in turpentine or white spirit. Afterwards, remember to clean using soapy water and dry the part in question.


Once the season is over, the time has come to winter the trap. This is how to do it:

  1. Disconnect the trap from the power supply.
  2. Remove the consumables and shut the lure box (hermetically, using adhesive tape if possible).
  3. Store the trap indoors (garage, garden shed, etc.) or in a sheltered location.
  4. Wrap it in a tarpaulin or sheet to prevent insects or other pests from nesting in it over the winter and damaging the components, or sheltering in the machine piping and blocking it.

To restart your Qista mosquito trap at the beginning of the new season, follow the following instructions:


Mosquito season is over and it’s time to winterize your trap. Here’s how to do it:

  • Do not cover the trap when it is operating
  • Place the trap on the ground, do not place it high up or bury it
  • Do not repaint the trap
  • Use only with Qista lures
  • Do not combine the 2 types of lures: their effect would be canceled
  • Use only with CO₂ sold by Qista and Air Liquide (in mainland France,contact us for installation abroad)
  • Do not use any gas other than CO₂
  • Do not obstruct the openings

Are you looking for the steps to follow to install your QISTA trap for the first time? Visit our page Installing and commissioning the mosquito trap.

For any operating problems, go to our space Troubleshooting.


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