LIVRAISON GRATUITE : bénéficiez de la livraison gratuite pour la QISTA ONE



Refill pack

Don’t let mosquitoes spoil your summer: refill your trap as soon as they appear! Our refill pack contains a CO₂ cylinder and an olfactory lure effective against tiger and traditional mosquitoes.

  • CO₂ cylinder
  • Choice of lure: tiger or traditional mosquito
  • Maintenance option available



How does it work to buy my refill packs online?

I have already bought online

I can recover my old configuration and repeat my order.

I want to place a new order

I place a new order online and prepare for the mosquito season as I wish.




Good tips are worth sharing!

Let your family and friends benefit from your Qista customer advantage by sponsoring a friend.

Have your friends and family discovered your mosquito trap and been able to testify to its effectiveness? Refer your friends and family and win a refill pack for your Qista trap!

By introducing your friends and family to the solution, you’ll both benefit from an advantage: your godson will receive a bottle of recycled CO₂ with his or her first order.

implementation study

Have you discovered the Qista connected mosquito solution and are you thinking of installing it in your home? Make sure you have the ideal installation plan!


You can pay for your cart in 3 free instalments if the value of your order is between 400 and 3,500 euros.


Our technicians install your trap, deliver your consumables and install them every 2 month.


1.Before buying the BAM

The Qista app can be a great help before buying your trap. Thanks to the app, you can plan your own set-up for your future mosquito traps: define your activity areas and those where mosquitoes are found, identify the type of mosquito and enter your details. It’s as simple as that!

This does not require any customer account set-up or commitment on your part. Qista experts will then send you a customised report by email with set-up advice for your future mosquito trap.

2. After installing the BAM

Once you have your trap(s), the Qista app opens up endless possibilities! The Qista BAM remote control option means you can control and set up your mosquito traps. Users can then change operating settings directly from the app installed on their Smartphone.

For example, the Smart BAM counts the number of captured mosquitoes and cross references this data with the weather data and the period. Depending on the selected mode, it can therefore adapt its operation and switch itself off when conditions are not favourable to mosquitoes. Remote programming and control means up to 30% CO2 consumption savings.

QISTA celebrates its 10th anniversary with the new QISTA ONE

🎉 To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are delighted to present our new mosquito trap: the QISTA ONE

With QISTA ONE, you get simplified, affordable technology for environmentally-friendly mosquito control, with unchanged effectiveness.


Jusqu’au 6 février, QISTA vous propose d’économiser 165€ sur votre commande. 
C’est LE MOMENT de vous équiper pour vous débarrasser des moustiques en 2024 ! 
Pour tout achat d’une BAM VISIO+, QISTA vous offre 6 leurres olfactifs (pour moustique traditionnel ou tigre) d’une valeur de 165€. Réceptionnez votre borne sous 2 semaines grâce à notre livraison via transporteur et profitez d’une réception différée des leurres afin de garantir leur conservation et leur efficacité d’ici l’arrivée des moustiques en 2024 !
Nos équipes reviendront vers vous en début de saison prochaine pour l’achat des bouteilles de CO2 (nécessaires au bon fonctionnement de la borne) ainsi que pour l’installation et la mise en route de votre BAM. 

L’offre de rentrée se termine le 06/02/2024 à 23h59 et s’applique uniquement sur le produit BAM VISIO+ (non applicable sur la version URBAINE VISIO). Cette offre s’applique à partir d’une BAM VISIO+ achetée. Offre cumulable. Pour l’achat de plus de 3 bornes, contactez nos conseillers. Votre borne sera livrée sous 2 semaines. Les leurres vous seront fournis sur demande à partir du printemps 2024.