Quinta da Comporta

On the Tróia Peninsula in Carvalhal, Portugal, the Quinta da Comporta hotel is a 5-star hotel and well-being resort, set in the heart of a nature reserve conducive to tranquillity and a top end experience surrounded by lush rice fields.

Quinta da Comporta - Tróia Peninsula


Near to the coast and crossed by the Sado river, the Comporta region is the perpetual target of many swarms of mosquitoes. The Quinta da Comporta hotel resort is dedicated to relaxation and tranquillity so the mosquito bites became a real nuisance for the business.

Study / implementation

As well as naturally humid areas, the site study revealed outdoor spaces favourable to mosquito breeding and outlined the areas to be protected as a priority, such as the apartments, outdoor pool and restaurant terrace.

In 2019, Qista installed 11 traps to create an mosquito repellent barrier around the hotel and protect holidaymakers from any risk of bites.

Quinta da Comporta - Trap installation


A large number of mosquitoes were caught in the first few weeks and the number of mosquito bites dropped dramatically in the surroundings of this top end hotel. Feedback from the hotel resort managers is that the Qista solution is a complete success that both ensures its clients can enjoy a nuisance-free stay and reassures them regarding the transmission risk by mosquitoes of vector-borne diseases, while respecting the coastal ecosystems.

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Qista au Sénégal : lancement du projet Moniprev à Kaolack

Le projet Moniprev financé par la Direction Générale du trésor est lancé ! La ville de Kaolack va bénéficier d'une implantation de 104 bornes anti-moustiques écologiques pour lutter contre le paludisme aux côtés du PNLP (Programme National de Lutte contre le Paludisme).

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