The Qista trap and its operation

Whether you are thinking about taking the plunge and buying a Qista mosquito trap or you have already received yours, there may still be some questions you need answered.

If that's the case then you're in the right place! Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions by our customers and visitors.

Do you have questions about the different types of mosquitoes? Go to our FAQ on mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes.

General questions

Whether you have our standard Evo 2+ solution, our connected SmartBAM trap or one of our solutions for professionals and communities, here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our anti-mosquito solutions.

Where to buy a Qista machine?

Qista mosquito traps are currently only available on our website

Before buying our mosquito traps, we highly recommend you carry out a free set-up assessment on the Qista app. If you are a professional, head of a community or an individual, do not hesitate to contact our Qista experts to support you through the set-up assessment.

To find out more, go to our page on buying your trap.

Can I see the trap before I buy it?

Qista mosquito traps are currently only available online. However, it is possible to make an appointment with our Qista teams to see Qista traps in our premises in Senas (near Salon-de-Provence) or Muret (near Toulouse). To do this, it couldn't be easier, contact us!

What is the difference between the Smart BAM and the Urban Smart Bam?

The Smart BAM and the Urban Smart Bam share the same basic technique and therefore operate in the same way. The Smart BAM is aimed at individuals first and foremost, however it is also suitable for professionals looking to clear a specific area such as café or restaurant terraces.

Designed for urban life and its specific conditions, the Urban Smart Bam has a tamper-proof system and special coating to better withstand uncivil elements and the variations in weather such as heat, rain or even ice. It can be connected to the city's power network or to solar panels.

Is there a Qista trap for individuals?

Yes! As stated previously, the Smart BAM mosquito trap is aimed at individuals as much as professionals.

Is a power supply required nearby to connect the BAM?

Yes, your trap plugs into a domestic socket. The trap comes with a 1 metre long cable. Depending on the electric equipment at the installation site, plan on an extension cable for the connection. We recommend you use an extension cable with an IP44 protection rating suitable for outdoor use.

Is the Qista solution harmful to the environment?

No, absolutely not. The trap only releases a low amount of CO2, the same amount as human breathing.

Moreover, scientific studies carried out by Doctor Poulain’s teams in Tour du Valat on our solutions confirmed thatthey have no environmental impact: the species selectivity is effective and there is no mosquito resistance or habituation.

Our solutions are eco-friendly and used in day nurseries, hospitals, Natura 2000 protected areas. See our article on indirect benefits to find out more about the additional advantages of the mosquito trap.

How is the Qista machine safe for your health and more efficient than traditional mosquito solutions from its competitors (traps or sprays)?

The other products are either:

  • Underperforming: the effectiveness of lemongrass and essential oils is only 15 mins.
  • Harmful or dangerous: electric diffusers and insecticides are domestic accident hazards. Body products, sprays and other products have carcinogenic molecules.
  • Unsustainable: their effectiveness is short-lived whereas Qista products offer in-depth treatment, with a progressive and constant decline in mosquito numbers in the treated area.

Why Qista rather than other solutions?

  • Qista is the only French manufacturer in the competitive landscape.
  • The effectiveness of our products is tested by an independent research body.
  • Qista products are of higher quality and have a longer lifespan than those of its competitors.
  • Qista products are safer: whereas our competitors offer products with a butane cylinder (explosive and release carbon monoxide in the case of poor combustion) in the open air, Qista uses CO2 (non-explosive) without combustion with secure placement to house the cylinder.
  • Qista products are programmable, which does not exist among the competition and saves on CO2.

Does the Qista mosquito trap make a noise?

Yes, a little. It has the same sound power as a small vent: 55dB at 1 metre, 30dB at 6 metres and 0dB (inaudible) at 10 metres. The noise is not noticeable as the trap is never installed less than 10 metres from the living area. Moreover, thanks to the automatic programming, the trap is off during the night so is completely silent during this time.

Can I put the trap indoors?

No, the trap must be placed outdoors however it can intercept mosquitoes before they get indoors.

How to take into account the location of Qista mosquito traps during a garden or swimming pool design?

Water is essential for female mosquitoes to lay and they can lay several dozen eggs on its surface, leaving them to develop in the water until they reach maturity. Whether it be outdoor fountains or green space developments, a small amount of stagnant water is enough to form a source of infestation that could potentially become a tiger and common mosquito nest.

To protect yourself against this pest, not only should you regularly remove nearby stagnant water, areas conducive to laying, but also install mosquito traps near living areas. The Qista mosquito trap effectively fights against mosquitoes and keeps your outdoor spaces comfortable, including water. This not only prevents mosquito bites but also insect breeding on your land.

How to justify the Qista installation cost?

Unlike other anti-mosquito solutions that use cheap chemical products that are harmful and dangerous to humans and ecosystems, Qista prioritises your well-being and protects your quality of life.

The quality of Qista mosquito traps is accounted for by their 100% French design and manufacture. The traps benefit from the development of patented technology, tried and tested on a large scale. The mosquito attraction and capture system has been designed keeping in mind the preservation and protection of all biodiversity contributors. The Smart BAM is also connected and technologically advanced: it has remote programming and control, at the same time providing its user with a range of statistics on mosquito capture and weather conditions.

The eco-friendly and safe Qista solution has been recognised and rewarded several times for its innovative approach to mosquito control: it is harmless to humans and protects from the health risks caused by mosquitoes, it only captures mosquitoes and flies, and it doesn't create any additional CO2 (the gas used is recycled CO2).

Are there shipping costs for my order?

Shipping costs depend on your delivery or collection type. This can also vary depending on the delivery address, weight and number of items in your order. There are no shipping costs if you collect your order from our Qista locations. For more information on delivery methods, read our page by clicking here.

Which countries do you deliver to?

Qista and its partners deliver throughout mainland France. For international delivery, contact us to set up a customised delivery and consumable refills.

Trap operation

The Qista mosquito trap is a truly eco-friendly anti-mosquito solution which respects people, animals and natural resources. Find out the answers here to your questions on your trap operation, installation or even maintenance.

How does the Qista trap work?

The operation of the Qista mosquito trap can be summarised in three steps:

  1. CO2 and olfactory lure released to attract the female mosquito
  2. Suction and capture of the mosquito when it's close to the trap
  3. Mosquito containment in the capture net

Discover our anti-mosquito concept!

How to install your Qista trap?

Installing your trap is child's play: find the recommended placement from the set-up assessment, assemble the trap as shown on the user instructions, set up the consumables by connecting the CO2 and inserting the olfactory lure, then connect your trap to the power supply.

If you have chosen the Qista team installation option (only available in the Southern zone of France), you just need to be present at the location for the appointment confirmed during your order. Our technicians will take care of everything!

Installation and usage guide

EVO2+ Smart BAM V1 Smart BAM V2

The V1 covers all traps purchased before June 2021 (double doors).

When to install your trap?

At the start of the season if possible in order to capture the first scarce female mosquitoes that could lay eggs. You will immediately reduce the supply of eggs in your locality and the egg hatching peaks. The pests will be best controlled by the BAM.

You can also switch it on during the season if you bought your trap later in the year. The pests will be captured in the same way and will decline from the third week, after the eggs already laid have hatched and the captured mosquitoes will not be able to lay.

It is equally important to end the season with the last mosquitoes to prevent egg laying that could form a reserve ready to hatch the following season. Mosquitoes are effectively able to spend all winter in larva or egg form.

When to replace the consumables?

Consumables (cylinders + lures) should be changed every month to maintain the trap's optimal effectiveness. If your mosquito trap is switched on for longer than the recommended use, the consumables will be used quicker and therefore will need to be replaced more often. In any event, you can monitor the consumables level on the Qista app if you have a Smart BAM.

What are the operation times and why?

The trap should operate for a minimum of 15 hours per day to cover a wide enough time window to capture the mosquitoes, and maintain a barrier that is active enough on a daily basis to achieve an 88% decline in pests.

Hours of operation for:

  • Common mosquito: from 5:30 to 11:00 a.m. and from 3:30 to 11:30 p.m.
  • Tiger mosquito: from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Should I leave my trap operational when I go away from home for several days?

Yes, it is highly recommended to leave your trap operational when you are away from home. If you turn off your trap, the mosquitoes will continue to lay larvae that will invade your garden once the weather conditions are favourable to hatching. Then you will have to wait several days or weeks before seeing a decline in the pests.

How long before I will notice less nuisance?

During the first weeks of use, eggs already laid will hatch and neighbouring mosquitoes will still be around. On average, it takes 3 weeks of treatment to notice a decline in mosquitoes.

The trap performs an in-depth treatment to achieve optimal effectiveness: by intercepting the mosquitoes, it stops them laying which then reduces the number of eggs very quickly and the amount of mosquitoes declines from day to day!

Does the BAM withstand outdoor conditions?

As your mosquito traps are located outdoors, of course they can withstand variations in weather. Disconnect your trap in extreme conditions (hail, storm) and store it in a garden shelter or garage until the weather turns mild again.

The Urban Smart Bam is more designed for urban use: it has a tamper-proof system and special coating to better withstand uncivil elements. It also withstands a tropical climate, find out more about the Urban Smart Bam!

How to maintain my BAM?

To clean your trap, wash the trap using a sponge and soapy water (you can also use your usual multi-purpose household cleaner). If the trap is very dirty, repeat the operation. Then rinse using clean water, dry, and your trap will be as good as new!

It is also recommended to take it inside and cover it in winter. Read our page on trap maintenance, service and winterisation to find out more.

What to do with the mosquitoes trapped in the net?

The trapped mosquitoes are safe; they have never been in contact with pesticides. Therefore you can feed them to your fish or birds! By doing so, you are putting the mosquitoes back into the food chain. Or why not use them as fertilizer around trees!

Why is the amount of mosquitoes in the net different to the number of mosquitoes stated on the app?

Once captured, the mosquitoes are trapped in the net and can disintegrate in 2 to 3 days. Therefore there are no longer visible.

Trap efficiency

Are you tempted by the Qista solution but still have doubts about the effectiveness of our mosquito traps? Here are a few answers that should wipe away your doubts!

How efficient is the BAM?

The Qista mosquito trap reduces the inconvenience caused by mosquitoes by 88%, that is their bites. This statistic is scientifically proven by the Tour du Valat independent research institute for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands which tests our machines.

For more information on the effectiveness of our mosquito traps, see the study carried out by the Tour du Valat institute by clicking here.

And the remaining 12%?

The Qista solution combats the inconvenience caused by mosquitoes in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. The remaining 12% corresponds to the mosquitoes outside the attraction area of the Qista trap that have managed to find a path to you. The trap performs an in-depth, long term treatment. It intercepts female mosquitoes, prevents them from laying and therefore reduces the supply of laid eggs. The amount of mosquitoes will reduce long term.

There is no solution on the market that wipes out 100% mosquitoes in a sustainable way. However, additional steps can be combined with mosquito traps to reduce the nuisance rate such as the bat box.

Where is the best place for the mosquito trap to be at its most effective?

Our technical experts and biologists will support you with your project and in particular with respect to the location of your trap to ensure optimal effectiveness in all protected areas. By applying the expert recommendations and following the trap placement advised followed the set-up assessment, a 88% decline in pests should be achieved.

You can carry out the free set-up assessment on the Qista app or contact our experts for more information.

How many traps should I install on my plot?

A set-up assessment must be carried out to define the number of traps and their placement: the result can vary depending on the different mosquito proliferation areas (bamboo, drain outlet, wet area, vegetable garden, chicken coop, etc.) and the insect's circulation flow.

To carry out your set-up assessment, you can use the free Qista app on your smartphone or contact us to support you through this step.

A small area could require several traps if it is surrounded by a lot of larvae as the flow of mosquitoes can come from different areas. On the contrary, if the larvae location is simple and there is only one mosquito flow then one trap may be enough, even over a big area. The configuration of the outdoor area to protect should also be taken into account (garden all around the house or just the front with the terrace, etc.). Find out more on the installation principle and the trap operation on our Concept page.

What is the trap’s attraction beam?

In a clear area, the Qista trap attracts the tiger mosquito up to 35 metres around the trap and up to 60 metres for the common mosquito. Nevertheless, be careful as the attraction zone is not a mosquito-free area. It is the distance at which the mosquitoes detect the trap's appealing molecules and are attracted.

To find out more about how the Qista solution works, go to our page on the anti-mosquito concept.

Qista app

Qista is a connected solution for the large-scale ecological fight against mosquitoes. It operates using remotely controlled mosquito traps installed outdoors to form a genuine mosquito barrier. The app works with the Smart BAM and the Urban Smart Bam; if you have an older model such as the BAM Evo 2+ then it will not link to the app.

How do I get my login for the app?

Login details for the app are sent within 48 hours after receipt of your trap.

How do I link my trap to the app?

It links automatically, no need to do anything.

How do I programme my trap remotely?

The trap is programmed through the app. You can programme it with the tiger mosquito mode, common mosquito mode or set it to OFF.

Can I see when to change consumables?

Yes! The app tells you how many days remain before you need to change the consumables.

What data is transmitted by the trap?

As well as controlling and programming your trap remotely, the app sends capture statistics for each trap and the associated weather data.

Find out more about the Qista app

Do you have questions about the different types of mosquitoes? Go to our FAQ on mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes.

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