Qista urban anti-mosquito trap installed in a water park

Local and residential communities

Chase mosquitoes out of your town

Mosquitoes, especially Tiger mosquitoes, are a real problem in towns and villages and have an impact on the comfort of both the local population and tourists, as well as posing a health risk by spreading diseases. Just like Hyères, Marseilles, le Sambuc or even Carpentras, choose Qista and get rid of mosquitoes in your neighbourhoods!

The Qista mosquito trap solution can combat the inconveniences and risks caused by mosquitoes in a sustained and effective manner, without any danger to people and ecosystems.

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Add value to your neighbourhoods

Quality of life is essential to the development of your city.

Mosquito attacks devalue your neighbourhoods and affect the lives of residents and tourists. Fans of evenings outdoors are well aware that, in some cities, events are totally spoiled by mosquito attacks at the end of the day and people do not dare go out for night markets, drinks and dinner on the harbour, outdoor theatre, etc.

With Qista's anti-mosquito solution, you provide residents and the public with mosquito-free streets and terraces.

The Qista mosquito control solution improves the quality of life in your town and your citizens benefit as well as tourists.

Increase property values in your neighbourhoods with Qista

Real Estate

Add value to your real estate by equipping your neighbourhoods, with a significant reduction of nuisances and risks related to mosquitoes for your residents.

Make your property a more attractive prospect with Qista


Rapidly exploit mosquito-infested areas and eliminate the health risks associated with the insect.

Bring tourists back to your restaurants, cafés, hotels and more thanks to Qista

Tourism and local life

Restore your outdoor events and offer your residents pleasant streets, café and restaurant terraces.

Reduce the health risk in your town thanks to Qista


Greatly reduce the spread of diseases borne by traditional and tiger mosquitoes by clearing them in the vicinity of healthcare facilities.

Choose the capture programme associated with the type of mosquito, check the level of consumables, the weather conditions, and the record of mosquitoes captured using the Qista app.
Intelligent and practical

As real tools for health protection, a range of new features are available for communities and local authorities via the Qista software:

Numerous communities have already benefited from the progress Qista is making in terms of vector control. Arranging a set of traps strategically throughout a town or neighbourhood does more than just chase mosquitoes away: you can comprehensively monitor infestation levels thanks to cross tabulation of the cumulative data provided by the Qista software.

This data constitutes “big health data” and can be passed on to the relevant authorities. You can therefore view a map of the presence of mosquito populations in your neighbourhood, town, district or even region, and prioritise your vector control action in those areas most densely populated by mosquitoes.

Smart traps

Discover the Qista solution and urban trap in detail.

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In Hyères,
a town protected by Qista

There is a real sense of relief for the inhabitants of this town in the Var who have finally been able to make the most of their outside space without being attacked by mosquitoes at the end of the day.

The people of Hyères witnessed the efficiency of the Qista mosquito traps during the summer of 2019. The local authorities asked Qista to strategically install 157 traps across the town in order to stem the problem of mosquitoes.

The aim was to the reduce the problems caused by mosquitoes in the region using a green and sustainable strategy as an alternative to chemical processes.

In 2015 and 2016, Sambuc in the Camargue also chose Qista, becoming the first pilot village to benefit from the Qista solution.

Qista in Hyères Qista in Sambuc

efficiency diagram: Qista anti-mosquito trap
The Qista concept

A real solution against mosquitoes.

With their patented technology, the Qista mosquito control traps imitate human presence to attract the mosquitoes and suck them into their net.

Each trap can attract and capture mosquitoes in a radius of up to 60 metres in an open area.

Clear whole neighbourhoods of mosquitoes!

To protect residential neighbourhoods and surrounding areas, you can increase the surface area of the Qista solution’s protection by installing several traps to create a protective barrier.

Well arranged, the traps stop the mosquitoes approaching from the laying areas. This large-scale invisible border has the double advantage of preventing mosquitoes from entering urban areas and is extremely effective against their multiplication.

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Operation and maintenance

The installation and maintenance of Qista anti-mosquito traps do not require specific authorisations or qualifications.

The traps can be installed by a member of your technical or green spaces team. The traps can be connected to the public electricity network and require only 2 consumables for optimal operation.

Charging can be done at any time of the day during the season.

Here is a diagram showing the main maintenance accessories.

Qista anti-mosquito machine accessories diagram
Qista Lab

Years of research and development have led to the creation of Qista Lab, bringing together all of Qista’s expertise on vector control in France and internationally.

Rich in expertise and its people skills, Qista now offers much more than simple mosquito traps. Infectious disease experts, entomologists and other experts on mosquitoes and related health issues, have been developing new solutions for years around the eco-friendly mosquito trap.

Thanks to these essential tools, Qista can fight against the transmission of deadly diseases effectively in an eco-friendly way throughout the world.

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women sitting on a café terrace
When should I use my trap?

Use of your mosquito trap can depend on your district, the weather or even how the number of mosquitoes changes.

The number of mosquitoes is constantly increasing, particularly the tiger mosquito: the presence of mosquitoes may now be felt in February when the mosquito season used to only start in April or May. The same is true at the end of the season.

Variation of the intensity of the presence of mosquitoes depending on the month of the year

To pre-empt the tourist season and prevent the arrival of mosquitoes, think about ordering your traps during the low season for optimal set-up and installation in time.


The Qista anti-mosquito traps are most effective in springtime, and in mild weather, which are favourable conditions for the arrival of female mosquitoes.

In high season, for optimal efficiency, Qista recommends using the traps, both preventively and curatively, for 15 hours of the day.

In case of rain or strong winds, you should turn off the unit and save on consumables.

Finally, Qista urban traps are designed to be installed outdoors and withstand all weather conditions during the season of use, before winterisation and storage.

Responsible mosquito control

The Qista system is based on a totally ecological and natural approach, respectful of humanity and all ecosystems:

  1. No risk for passers by nor for the personnel in daily contact with the traps
  2. Designed to lure only the female mosquito, there is no risk to bees, other insects and animals living nearby
  3. Preventive in terms of health, helps limit contamination, particularly near health facilities

Discover the Qista Solution and urban trap in detail.

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Clean Mosquito Control certification demonstrates your environmentally responsible commitment.
Clean mosquito control: get involved for your citizens

Display your commitment to eco-friendly health protection with a Clean Mosquito Control certification and show your citizens the actions you have taken to offer them optimal comfort without bites and to reduce the transmission of illnesses by mosquitoes.

The Clean Mosquito Control certification is a visible sign of your commitment to your citizens and highlights your work to support eco-friendly mosquito control. Your commitment means that you are part of a collective movement to demonstrate that health safety within towns and local areas is possible while at the same time protecting citizens, animal species and ecosystems from the toxic products which are too often used.

Choose Qista’s eco-friendly mosquito control solution and advertise the fact by requesting the Clean Mosquito Control certification for your residential areas, communal areas (public gardens, parks, etc.) and establishments serving the most vulnerable (nurseries, retirement homes, schools, etc.).

Commit to Clean Mosquito Control


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