An anti-mosquito barrier for your neighbourhood

Gardens, patios and communal open spaces are a real asset for any property but more often than not the proliferation of tiger mosquitoes is a considerable annoyance for several months of the year.

Property buyers and tenants can easily see themselves relaxing outside, enjoying the cool shade, setting up games for the children, cooling off by the pool and taking advantage of the beautiful weather to do some gardening or organise family meals... but relaxation can quickly turn into a nightmare when you live in an area infested with mosquitoes. You can suddenly find yourself with a garden invaded by mosquitoes, giving up the patio because of bites, cancelling al fresco meals, hesitating about whether to let the children use the pool, living with the windows tightly closed to avoid night time bites.

Of course there are natural solutions for repelling mosquitoes such as plants or essential oils but they only drive them back a little. When it comes to a building or a neighbourhood, an anti-mosquito solution on a larger scale is required !


There is a large-scale solution for controlling mosquitoes for high-end apartment blocks or detached houses within a housing development : the Qista anti-mosquito barrier.

Jointly owned building protected from mosquitoes

Individually around a single house or collectively for an entire housing development or apartment building, the Qista anti-mosquito solution creates a real barrier preventing the intrusion and reproduction of mosquitoes in the protected areas.

Reclaim your outdoor spaces !

Qista provides natural, eco-friendly anti-mosquito traps which can catch mosquitoes over a 60m area. By strategically positioning the traps around the area to be protected (house, building, neighbourhood, etc.), it is therefore possible to create an anti-mosquito barrier.

How does the Qista trap work?

An anti-mosquito barrier certainly makes the living areas more comfortable and means that you can reclaim the outdoors but it also creates real value for protected properties. Whether the property is for sale or to be let, eradicating mosquitoes from a neighbourhood or building is a considerable advantage and makes the property more attractive to the public while increasing its value.

Shared investment and management. Shared comfort without mosquitoes !

In terms of management, it also represents a not insignificant advantage : investment and management of the equipment can be shared. Residents are protected without any additional concern.

For example, in the case of a residential building the co-ownership association could manage the equipment. For a housing development management can easily be delegated to a neighbourhood association.

Jointly owned residential building with pool and no mosquitoes

Find out about the Qista solution for property management professionals

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