The Qista Project

Protecting and enhancing

the victims of mosquitoes by eliminating the source of the problem

outdoor spaces and reclaiming outdoor living areas

Pierre Bellagambi
Co-Founder and Managing Director

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Simon Lillamand
Co-Founder and CEO

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How the project began

Pierre Bellagambi and Simon Lillamand, two young entrepreneurs from the south of France, were long-standing business partners with complementary professional backgrounds. They started taking an interest in mosquito control in 2012.

Birth of an idea

After the publication of a scientific article by Dr Poulin on humid areas and how mosquitoes are controlled within them, they started to consider the catastrophic impact current methods to control mosquitoes on a large scale have on the environment. The arrival of the tiger mosquito in France only confirmed their concern. So they decided to develop an efficient solution for controlling mosquitoes which respected the environment.


From the initial attempts in the garage of Simon's grandfather to the first operational prototypes, numerous tests were carried out and the model continued to be improved. The entrepreneurial duo then presented the fruit of their research to the Centre de recherche de la Tour du Valat and the Parc Naturel Régional de Camargue, which, conscious of the environmental impact of such a solution, provided the project with their technical support. In 2014, a patent was filed and the Techno-Bam company was created.


In 2015, 16 anti-mosquito traps were installed in the pilot village of Sambuc (a Natura 2000 protected area) in Camargue. The results confirmed how efficient the solution could be on a large scale. The experiment resulted in an 88% fall in the number of mosquitoes!

Pierre Bellagambi and Simon Lillamand - Qista Founders


The final design for the general public appears under the brand name Qista

SINCE 2015

International installations

Installation of mosquito traps in Europe and the South Pacific.

Research and development to continue to improve performance.


COP 22

Presentation of the eco-friendly solution for controlling mosquitoes at the COP 22 in Marrakesh.

The final design for the general public appears under the brand name Qista.


The beginning of recognition

Accepted onto the French Environment Ministry’s Green Tech Verte initiative, recognised by World Efficiency, Med’Innovant, Territoria de bronze, Talent INPI, etc.

Air Liquide, France Industrie and TDH acquire a stake in the company.



Awards : 2 Awards at the Las Vegas CES

Opening up of capital to private investors


Disease vector control

The island of Réunion and the cities of Marseilles, Hyères and Toulouse gear up to protect schools, nurseries and public areas.

Qista doubles its turnover.


Global public health challenges

The Treasury Department chooses Qista from among 226 companies for a sustainable town project in Africa.

Hyères renews an order for 100 additional traps to protect its citizens and tourists.

Picto borne Qista

traps installed

Picto implantations Qista

strategic locations

Picto continents Qista

continents supplied

Success story

Double Innovation Award at the Las Vegas CES!

CES Innovation Awards


Since its beginnings at the Cleantech start-up hub in Aix-en-Provence, Qista has been accepted onto the Green Tech Verte initiative run by the Ministry for Ecological and Socially Responsible Transition and continues to be recognised for its innovation. For the 2 young entrepreneurs the 2018 Las Vegas CES was an accolade with 2 awards for the connectivity and real-time monitoring of the anti-mosquito trap. However, prior to that they had already crowned their success with 1st prize at the 2018 World Efficiency, the Med’Innovant 2017 prize awarded by Euroméditerranée and la Cité des entrepreneurs, and other prestigious awards.

These awards led to encounters which were essential for the development of Qista, particularly with the Environment Ministry.

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Qista au Sénégal : lancement du projet Moniprev à Kaolack

Le projet Moniprev financé par la Direction Générale du trésor est lancé ! La ville de Kaolack va bénéficier d'une implantation de 104 bornes anti-moustiques écologiques pour lutter contre le paludisme aux côtés du PNLP (Programme National de Lutte contre le Paludisme).

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