A departure for a beautiful scientific and technical innovation

Developed and patented with the support of the Camargue Regional Nature Park and the Tour du Valat research centre, the mosquito control trap simulates human respiration thanks to two consumables: carbon dioxide and olfactory lures.

Qista - anti-mosquito trap - Pierre Bellagambi - Simon Lillamand The story begins in 2012, when Pierre BELLAGAMBI and Simon LILLAMAND, young entrepreneurs from the PACA region, were interested in a scientific article written by Brigitte Poulin of the Research Center Tour du Valat, about the wetlands and mosquito control.

At the time, the fight against mosquitoes concerned the mosquitos in the wild marshes of Camargue, the mosquitoes were eliminated via a larvicide called "BTI".

The collateral damage of this was worrying, its active molecule strongly impacts mosquito larvae, but also the larvaes of its harmless cousin "midges". Both are at the base of the local food chain, their mass disappearance triggered a serious disturbance of a good part of insectivorous fauna, the birth rate of some species fell by 75% (study Dr. Brigitte Poulin)

At the same time, the tiger mosquito began to be a cause for concern by spreading exclusively in French urban areas.

Given this fact, Peter and Simon decided to embark on the construction of an anti-mosquito trap, which aimed to treat areas of high mosquito nuisance, while preserving the environment. Just like in the olden days, it was in Simon’s grandfather’s garage that their first experiment took place!

A revolution in the protection against mosquitoes

The anti-mosquito trap is a formidable invention, simulating human respiration by diffusing lures which contain smells that are naturally produced by humans. As the insect approaches, believing that it will bite a human, it’s then sucked into a chimney and then stored in a net, and this in a radius of 60 metres in an open area.

Considering the geographic and meteorological constraints of an urbanised area, the combined action of several strategically placed traps creates a very effective anti-mosquito barrier.

With the support of the Research Center of Tour du Valat and the Regional Natural Park of the Camargue

Pierre and Simon pitched their idea to the research centre of Tour du Valat and to the Regional Natural Park of the Camargue, who agreed to give their technical assistance to the project. After several tests and prototypes, the tests are conclusive and allowed the patenting of the anti-mosquito trap and the creation of TECHNO-BAM in 2014.

For large-scale mosquito control: the village of Sambuc

The solution was then tested on a larger scale, notably in the village of Sambuc, in protected area “Natura 2000”, infested by mosquitoes. It was a success in the heart of the marshes, both for the elimination of mosquitoes, the satisfaction of the local population and the preservation of the neighbouring fauna. With 16 anti-mosquito traps, the nuisance dropped by 88%!

From Techno Bam to QISTA

Simon Lillamand, Ségolène Royal, Pierre BellagambiThe mosquito control device becomes officially "Qista" in 2016, due to the need to have a name that is easily to pronounce for anglophones in the international arena. Facing the export of the product, sold not only in France, Polynesia and New Caledonia but also in Canada, Italy, and soon in Spain or the United States the name was changed.

Qista - Mosquito Vacuum

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