Free yourself from the nuisance of mosquitoes

For several months, each year, you have the annoyance of mosquitoes, and their bites, which reduces the enjoyment of being outdoors. Finally, you can reclaim your garden with a solution that is completely ecological, safe for the family, including your pets, and has no impact on other insects.

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Protect your family

Mosquitoes, particularly tiger mosquitoes, are carriers of several diseases that are transmissible to humans (chikungunya, zika, dengue, malaria), which are potentially dangerous for the elderly, immunocompromised, babies, young children and pregnant women.

Did you know that mosquito bites can occasionally provoke allergic reactions ? That mosquitoes can also transmit serious illnesses to domestic animals?

With a radius of up to 60 meters per trap, placed outside in open areas, the Qista Anti-Mosquito trap protects your family and pets without any risk to their health.

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Family outdoors, garden

Easy to use

The Qista trap is lightweight, mobile and connects to the electrical network of your home. You can install it yourself in your garden or call on one of our partners.


With a radius of up to 60 metres * in an open area, the insect control trap protects your gardens and parks from mosquitoes arriving, therefore greatly reducing their nuisance (up to 10,000m2 of protection per machine)
*Tested and approved by the research centre Tour du Valat


Safe for humans, pets and the environment, the anti-mosquito trap works using a patented French technology which is completely organic and natural. With Qista, say “goodbye” to mosquito repellent products which are often discouraged for young children, babies and pregnant women.

Don’t wait another season!

Discover the Qista solution, and products, for a natural and effective fight against mosquitoes.

Our mosquito control solutions

test village in the camargue

A real relief for the inhabitants of this hamlet who were finally able to enjoy their outside spaces, without enduring mosquito attacks at the end of the day.

The residents of Sambuc were able to see the effectiveness of prototype Qista traps in 2015 and, on a larger scale again, in 2016. In partnership with the research centre of Tour du Valat, we were able to conduct a study with 16 Qista traps installed in the village.

The work aimed at reducing the nuisance caused by mosquitoes in the region with a green and sustainable strategy, as an alternative to chemical spraying.

Positioning diagram of the mosquito control trap in the garden
The Qista concept

Capture mosquitoes safely by simulating human presence.

Tiger and Traditional Mosquito Protection: Qista traps attract and trap mosquitoes in a radius of up to 60 meters in open areas, without risk to ecosystems and other animals.

Lure mosquitoes: the Qista trap simulates human presence, breathing, perspiration.

Capture mosquitoes: Qista's patented technology sucks only the mosquito, and holds it in a net.

You take care of your family and pets by making your garden a protected area. With the mosquitoes repelled you can enjoy the outdoors.

Domestic mosquito control solutions

While other solutions may be short-lived, have a low or non-measurable efficacy or are even toxic to humans and the environment, Qista offers an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for the fight against mosquitoes.

Qista mosquito control trap Fabric protection Repellent Non chemical insecticide Chemical insecticide
Example Mosquito net, clothing Lotion, bracelet, candle, plants UV lamp, electric racket Aerosol, fumigator, spray, larvicide
Long term solution Yes No No No No
Range of action
(in metres)
≤60 0 <1 <1 <5
Precise targeting of the insect Yes No No No No
Impact on people and animals Ø Ø Weak Weak Strong
Impact on ecosystems Ø Ø Ø Moderate Strong

The ease of use of the anti-mosquito trap allows you to maintain the unit yourself.

For example, in the case of a daily use from 4pm – 12am, you need to do these few steps:

  • replace the filter, every year
  • replace the lures, every 30 days
  • replace the CO2, every 30 days
  • put in winter mode at the end of the season

You can find supplies on the Qista online shop, along with our dealer network, and the CO2 bottles from our partner Air Liquide.

Main maintenance accessories

Sheme - Qista

Calendar of use

Every year you can start using your anti-mosquito trap in the spring to prevent a mosquito invasion, or during the period of high nuisance to reduce discomfort and bites.

Example calendar for the South East of France:
Calendar of use - Qista
In high season, for optimal efficiency, Qista recommends using the traps, both preventively and curatively 15 hours per day

In case of rain or strong winds you should turn off the unit.

Don’t wait any longer!

Discover now the Qista anti-mosquito solution.

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