Recommend us to your neighbours, your family and your friends, and Qista will gift you a free refill pack for your mosquito trap!

Refilling the machine

Imagine a neighbourhood without any mosquitoes! Tell your family and friends about the Qista solution now!

Everyone should be able to make the most of their garden without fear of mosquito bites in the summer.

By encouraging your family and neighbours to get a mosquito trap too, you will increase the size of the mosquito-free area and the number of mosquitoes captured!

With any trap purchases made by someone you have recommended us to:

  • you get one free consumables refill pack .
  • a free CO2 bottle for the person you recommend us to, to be deducted from their first BAM order.

How can I recommend you to a friend?

  1. 1. Make a recommendation:
    After logging into your account at, go to the “Recommend Us” page via the "Qista" tab in the grey menu at the top of the website. Enter the details of the people you have recommended us to in the form and click on “ Send”.
  2. 2. If someone has recommended us to you :
    Enter the promotion code emailed to you. When making your order, at the basket stage enter your promotion code in the « Codes and Discounts  » section, and then click on « Apply ». Complete your order and proceed to payment.
  3. 3. If you have recommended us to someone:
    Find your own promotion code in the confirmation email sent to you after the person you recommended us to made their purchase.

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