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For purchase or rent, here you will find our various partners in France and in other countries.

The stores are places where you can see and order your traps. You can contact one of our approved installers if you require an installation at your home. Rental partners will propose to rent our traps with a complete consumable replacement service. CO2 withdrawal points are only for the collection and return of CO2 canisters.

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Qista mosquito traps catch mosquitoes by luring them using an olfactory cocktail and a light release of CO2 to simulate human breathing. When ordering your CO2 refills, depending on your installation location, you will have the choice between collection from a specialised Air Liquide point or home delivery with the possibility of installation by one of our technicians.

The cartridges are in 10 kg CO2 canister format (liquid gas) and are to be collected from a distribution point in exchange for the voucher you can purchase on our website. Thanks to our partnership with Air Liquide, you can choose from several hundred collection points in France and abroad to collect your CO2 canisters.

To get CO2 cartridges for your BAM

  1. Order online or by phone and choose your collection point
  2. Receive your exchange voucher by post
  3. Go to the collection point selected at the time of ordering with your exchange voucher and collect your cartridges.

In keeping with its eco-responsible approach, Qista does not produce any CO2. The CO2 used in Qista machines comes from recycling, in particular during the farming storage phases that generate CO2 by fermentation, or by the collection of natural CO2 present in the subsoil. This food grade CO2 is similar to that used in soft drinks.

The Carbopub CO2 is stored in liquid form, which entails the use of packaging meeting several safety standards.

The return of the empty canister 60 days after the last collection makes it possible to carry out these tests in good conditions. After this period, in compliance with the general terms and conditions of sale, penalties will be payable for failure to return the packaging.


Qista au Sénégal : lancement du projet Moniprev à Kaolack

Le projet Moniprev financé par la Direction Générale du trésor est lancé ! La ville de Kaolack va bénéficier d'une implantation de 104 bornes anti-moustiques écologiques pour lutter contre le paludisme aux côtés du PNLP (Programme National de Lutte contre le Paludisme).

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