Our CO2 collection points

The Qista anti-mosquito traps trap the mosquitoes by luring them with an olfactory cocktail and a light diffusion of CO2 that imitates human breathing. The CO2 refills, for safety reasons, are only available in special collection points and cannot be delivered by Qista.

The CO2 cartridges come in the form of CO2 10kg cylinders (LPG) and can be collected at a collection point using the voucher that you can buy on our site. Thanks to our partnership with Air Liquide, you have several hundred collection points in France and abroad.

To collect your CO2 cartridges for your bam

  1. Order online or by phone and choose your collection point
  2. Receive your voucher by post
  3. Go to the collection point selected at the time of your order with your voucher and get your cartridges.

For consistency with its eco-responsible approach, Qista does not produce CO2. The CO2 used for Qista machines comes from recycling (similar to the CO2 used in sparkling water sources, in breweries and distilleries, etc.).

CO2 Carbopub is stored in liquid form, which requires the use of packaging which must meet several safety standards.

The return of the packaging 60 days after collection makes it possible to perform these tests under good conditions. After this period, and in accordance with the general conditions of sale, you expose yourself to penalties for the non-return of packaging.


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