Anti-mosquito solution

An ecological anti-mosquito solution that respects humans, animals and natural resources, the Qista anti-mosquito traps reduce tiger and traditional mosquito nuisance by 88% *. Each trap is effective in a radius of up to 60 metres in open areas to eradicate mosquitoes.

Thanks to its patented technology, the anti-mosquito trap attracts the female mosquito in search of prey by simulating human respiration with a small amount of carbon dioxide * and an olfactory cocktail. The mosquito, believing that it’s about to bite a human, is then aspirated into the chimney and trapped in a net inside the trap. Octenol, an odorant which attracts biting insects, is used as bait to lure mosquitoes from your garden.

*All the CO2 used by Qista is recycled. Qista does not produce CO2 and is commited to ecological mosquito control.

The trap for personal use and businesses

BAM Urbaine in operation - installation of the mosquito control trap in Tahiti

Operating principle

The Qista anti-mosquito solution provides a significant reduction in the bite rate and also acts preventively by limiting the nesting females in the covered areas, including in tiger mosquitoes. Protect your family and children from the danger of tiger mosquito bites thanks to Qista!

Only female mosquitoes in urban areas are attracted by the mosquito control trap leaving male and female mosquitoes in wilderness areas to play their role in the food chain.

Operation of the Qista mosquito control trap
  • Natural anti mosquito which is safe for humans to use and maintain
  • The olfactory lure that does not spread any toxic products into the air
  • Harmless organic solution for plants, animals and other insects

First Use

The outdoor mosquito trap should create a barrier: place the mosquito traps between your living area and the mosquito breeding ground or the point where mosquitoes arrive on your property.

Qista mosquito control traps can be connected either to the domestic electricity network or to the mains electricity.

installation diagram of the anti-mosquito trap

The Qista solution

For optimal efficiency, the traps must be switched on from spring to autumn, and consumables must be replaced regularly: 30 days for olfactory lures and CO2 and every year for the filter, based on the recommended use of 15 hours per day.

Qista's mosquito control solution has a minimal ecological footprint and zero health risks through its natural process and the use of CO2. Les bornes Qista ne représentent aucune nuisance et aucune toxicité. The Qista traps do not represent any nuisance or toxicity. The solution has been tested and is an effective solution against tiger mosquitoes..

*Source: Dr. Brigitte Poulin, assessment of the BAM experiment in 2015

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