Lavender is one of the plants that repel mosquitoes.
10 eco-friendly gestures to repel mosquitoes naturally

How to get rid of mosquitoes naturally? Here you will find our 10 environmentally friendly mosquito repellents to fight effectively against all species of mosquito, even the tiger mosquito!

These little pests can really spoil your summer evenings with family or friends, but did you know that there are natural solutions to prevent them multiplying in your direct surroundings, near the pool, barbecue, on the terrace or in your garden?

How to protect your baby from bites? How to make a homemade mosquito repellent? Why buy a mosquito net? Where to buy a mosquito trap? There are so many natural and effective tips for repelling biting insects.


Make use of qualities found in plants

There is nothing more natural than plants!

In your garden, on your terrace or balcony, mosquito repellent plants only work over a few centimetres so they have limited repellent power. The following few essences will decorate your outside areas perfectly, providing colour, pleasant fragrances and a natural barrier against mosquitoes:

  • Lavender
  • Marigold (or Calendula Officinalis)
  • Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)
  • Aromatic herbs such as mint, basil, rosemary, savory, lemon balm
  • Pelargonium and geranium
  • as well as eucalyptus, catmint, petunia, nasturtium, etc.

There are so many natural mosquito repellents that will also complement your summer dishes by doubling up as a repellent and recipe ingredient!


Don't neglect certain areas to control the proliferation of mosquitoes

How to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes in your garden?

Mosquito laying sites are located in your direct surroundings: your outdoor areas. Simple steps should be taken without fail and regularly to control the proliferation of mosquitoes and deal with the source of the problem so you can make the most of your garden or terrace!

  • Maintain water sources such as swimming pools, reservoirs, ponds and wells, with natural products or simply by introducing fish that will eat the mosquito eggs!
  • Clean your gutters and drains to avoid water retention.
  • Tidy away garden tools, toys, furniture and outdoor objects that could collect water.
  • Choose plants that do not require much water and remember to water them in the morning.
  • Cover your rainwater barrels and any other water storage containers.
  • Regularly empty your flower pot trays, pots with water reserves, animal bowls, rain gauges and all decorative or protective items (covers for the pool, boat, barbecue, etc.) that can collect water and therefore encourage female mosquitoes to lay.


Invest in a mosquito net as a physical barrier against mosquitoes

How does it stop mosquitoes getting inside the house?

As its name states, the mosquito net is a natural mosquito barrier. For example, it can be placed on your windows, doors or around your bed. For greater effectiveness, it is recommended that you soak it in a natural mosquito repellent. Perfect for protecting you and your baby from mosquitoes, the mosquito net effectively stops mosquitoes from getting inside the house.


Use a fan to repel mosquitoes

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective!

We know that a mosquito flies at an average speed of 2 km an hour so a gentle draught is enough to repel it, making the fan a powerful ally...

Another advantage of the fan is that it gets rid of odours that attract mosquitoes to your skin by redistributing the carbon dioxide we breathe out. The different species of mosquitoes use this to locate us. It is best placed in your direction in oscillation mode to cover an extended area, particularly when your legs are exposed in the open air during summer.


Burn ground coffee - an amazing repellent!

How to repel mosquitoes while reducing waste?

As amazing as this seems, coffee is an excellent repellent and is a natural mosquito repellent which, in addition, has zero waste. Scoop up your coffee grounds and put them on a plate or in a cup or bowl. They need to be left to dry out as once dry they are an extremely effective, environmentally friendly mosquito repellent.

For this to work, you need to burn them with a match and the smoke will drive away the mosquitoes in a limited range. A good environmentally friendly alternative to mosquito repellent spirals, incense and candles which have limited efficiency in area and time, are soaked in toxic repellents and are even considered to be a placebo!


Relieve bites with essential oils

Renowned for their natural qualities, the essential oils of geranium, lemon eucalyptus or lemongrass repel mosquitoes or relieve bites.

Mainly active indoors, they prove to be extremely volatile.
Their efficiency is therefore relative outdoors and use by younger children and pregnant women is not advised. This solution reduces itching from mosquito bites.


Make natural homemade mosquito repellents

Many “grandmother's recipes” can be made at home!

These homemade mosquito repellent solutions can repel insects, such as lemongrass, a mix of garlic and tea or even cloves stuck into an orange or lemon...

These DIY mosquito repellent techniques are good repellents however their effectiveness only lasts for a limited time.


Installing a bat box

Did you know that bats are harmless to humans and can swallow over 600 mosquitoes an hour?

This small nocturnal animal is therefore a strong ally to fight effectively against mosquitoes around your home. The European bat, named the pipistrelle, is a really effective, environmentally friendly mosquito repellent by acting as a natural insecticide and controlling the population of insect pests.

To this end, there’s nothing easier: install a bat box in early spring to welcome them as they come out of hibernation and enlist the services of this amazing mosquito hunter!

Read our article to find out more about the bat's role in repelling mosquitoes.


Opt for a citriodiol spray

Citriodiol is a natural active ingredient derived from lemon eucalyptus essential oil.

With its mentholated fragrance and refreshing capacity, citriodiol is a natural repellent against the majority of insects, including the mosquito, and is present in most natural mosquito repellent sprays. Once sprayed on you or your clothes, you become completely unappealing to mosquitoes.

These citriodiol sprays are available in pharmacies and their effectiveness differs according to their composition and their p-Menthane-3,8-diol content (name of the molecule). Caution: although this product is naturally sourced, it is not advised for pregnant women and children under one.


Install a Qista mosquito trap - the natural solution on a large scale

What is the most effective way to fight against mosquitoes?

Qista has developed a natural solution: the connected Mosquito Trap! The Mosquito Trap fights against mosquitoes on a large scale, does not trap any insects and only targets biting mosquitoes: the females.

As proven by independent scientific studies, the effectiveness of the Qista Mosquito Trap is now the highest performing on the market with an 88% reduction in bites, with no risk to humans, animals or the environment! The principle is simple: the trap circulates recycled carbon dioxide that imitates human breathing and emits a lure scent that simulates the smell of the human body. The mosquito is therefore attracted towards the trap and captured through suction. A Qista biologist supports and carries out a free study for personalised set-up for anyone wanting to equip themselves with a mosquito trap.

One trap alone is effective up to 60 metres unobstructed and establishes a near impassable barrier between the proliferation areas and the areas to protect such as the thousands of gardens, schools, travel professionals, large theme parks and other urban areas already fitted out by Qista.

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