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Smart BAM


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Electric connection Household electric circuit
60 m attraction beam Attraction beam
2 year warranty Warranty
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Choose the Smart BAM to protect against mosquitoes: the simple, effective and eco-friendly solution.

Remotely programmable and controllable using its Smartphone app, the mosquito trap is fitted with several sensors that are used to collect and analyse capture statistics and environmental data in real time. Its compact and lightweight design makes it a fully mobile object that will blend in easily with the outdoor environment and your garden furniture.

The Qista mosquito solution is based on patented technology that works in 3 steps: attraction of mosquitoes from a distance, approach and capture. Qista provides lasting protection from mosquitoes. Acting like a mosquito vacuum, mosquitoes are cleared from your patios, gardens and parks, and your family or customers are protected from their bites.



The Qista solution operates using the combined action of the trap and the consumables (CO2 and olfactory lure adapted to the type of mosquito – tiger or common).

The trap attracts the female mosquito searching for her prey by simulating a human presence. The mosquitoes are then trapped inside the machine.

How does the trap work?

Firstly, through the diffusion of recycled carbon dioxide to emulate human breathing, then the olfactory lure simulates human body odour. Once they are drawn in, only the female mosquitoes in the vicinity of the protected areas are sucked in and trapped by the Qista BAM. Male mosquitoes and other insect species (bees, butterflies, ladybirds, etc.) are not attracted by the trap and continue to play their role in biodiversity. The trapped mosquitoes are held in a net that must be manually emptied on a regular basis.

What are the consumables?

  • Recycled Carbon Dioxide is used to emulate human breathing. Qista does not produce additional CO2, once again demonstrating its commitment to environmentally friendly mosquito control.
  • Octenol is an olfactory lure that reproduces the odorous molecules produced by the human body.

Discover the Qista concept

Mobile App
Remote control and field study

Before buying the BAM

The Qista app can be a great help before buying your trap. Thanks to the app, you can plan your own set-up for your future mosquito traps: define your activity areas and those where mosquitoes are found, identify the type of mosquito and enter your details. It’s as simple as that!

You don’t need to create a customer account at this stage and there’s no commitment on your part. Qista experts will then send you a personalised assessment via email with set-up advice for your future mosquito trap.

Discover the Qista app

After installing the BAM

Once you have your trap(s), the Qista app opens up endless possibilities! The Qista BAM remote control option means you can control and set up your mosquito traps. Users can then change operating settings directly from the app installed on their Smartphone.

For example, the Smart BAM counts the number of captured mosquitoes and cross references this data with the weather data and the period. Depending on the selected mode, it can therefore adapt its operation and switch itself off when conditions are not favourable to mosquitoes. Remote programming and control means up to 30% CO2 consumption savings.


The effectiveness of the Qista solution is scientifically proven.

The mosquito trap technology is patented and has been proven safe for humans and the environment. Please remember: to achieve clean mosquito control, the aim is to greatly reduce the mosquito population by breaking reproductive cycles. Your Qista BAM lowers the average number of mosquito bites in the protected area by 88%, an extremely low number of mosquitoes may remain.

First 30 days of use

Female mosquitoes will start being captured as soon as your mosquito trap is started up. You haven’t noticed an immediate difference? Don’t worry. During the first few weeks, the effectiveness of your trap will be progressive: the mosquito eggs already in your garden or in your neighbours’ gardens will only be captured after they hatch. You will notice a significant decrease in the number of mosquitoes from the second month of use.

Location considerations

In an optimal use case, each trap protects an area up to 10,000 m2 thanks to its 60 metre operational range (used against common mosquitoes, it is effective up to 60 metres; against tiger mosquitoes, it works up to 35 metres). The trap’s mosquito attraction beam can be limited by obstacles (house, fence, pool house, etc.) between the trap and the source of the mosquitoes. We therefore recommend carefully choosing the location for your Qista trap to be protected as much as possible. To help with this, complete our free set-up assessment on the Qista app.

My friends can now come back to mine in the evening for a meal or drinks, something they didn’t do before… Because we couldn’t dine on the terrace as we were devoured by the mosquitoes. Now we have been given a new lease of life

Philippe Martinez, Special deputy for Le Sambuc, Arles, Camargue, France, 2018

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Brilliant, finally mosquito-free nights! Thank you to the town council for this fantastic initiative!!!

Chanice N., Hyères resident, Hyères, France, 2019

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With its mosquito traps already selling by the thousands in France, Qista is now targeting tropical countries where these insects present a serious public health issue carrying diseases such as malaria or dengue.

Paul Molga, Economic journalist, Les Echos, 2020

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Delivery and refills

Trap delivery

Several delivery options are available depending on your district (or BAM delivery): Qista collection, designated collection points or home delivery. You can select your preferred delivery option at Checkout. To find out more about delivery options and times in your district, visit our page Delivery options.

Be aware that if the packaging delivered for you to sign for appears to be damaged, you can:

  • Refuse to accept the package and it will be directly returned to the sender.
  • Accept the package and write down your concerns, which must be accurate, complete, quantified, dated and signed on the delivery document. Failing this, the product is considered to have been delivered in good condition.

Specific conditions apply for overseas deliveries. Please visit our Delivery options page or contact us for more information.


Consumable refills

Qista also offers a range of associated services for refills of your consumables and your trap maintenance:

  • Collection from Qista: Collect your consumables by appointment at our locations in Sénas (near Salon-de-Provence) or Muret (near Toulouse) (only available in departments 13, 31 and 84).
  • Collection from Air Liquide: You receive a package by post including your lures and a collection voucher to collect your bottle of CO2 at the Air Liquide collection area.
  • Standard delivery: Two packs of consumables will be delivered to your home every two months.
  • GOLD+ maintenance: QISTA takes care of everything! Every month, our field experts deliver and replace the consumables as well as ensuring the cleaning and maintenance of your trap. With the new GOLD+ maintenance, you can also benefit from a larvae analysis of your soil.
    (only available with the “Qista installation” option when you place your order).

One pack for the season

Choosing the required number of months for consumables when purchasing the Smart BAM means you can buy all your equipment for the first season of use in one single pack. For the following seasons, you will only need to order the required quantity of consumables.

Mosquito season can be longer or shorter depending on your location and this affects the number of consumables needed so please check this with your administrative area.

However many packs of consumables you choose when you place your order, a maximum of two bottles of CO2 per trap can be delivered and stored at your home. This limit also applies to collection of your CO2 refills from Qista.

Find out more about delivery options and times


  • Secure access to the electric system.
  • The machines run no risk of exploding and do not expose users to any toxic products.
  • Programming / getting started: remotely through the app
  • Power supply (V): 230
  • Electric connection: Domestic circuit
  • Combustive type: Natural CO2 (non-explosive gas)
  • Battery: No
  • Closure system: Lock and key
  • Action radius: 60 metres
  • Tamper-proof system: No
  • Dimensions: height: 101.5 cm, Depth: 52 cm, Width: 32.3 cm
  • Weight: 16 KG
  • Sound level: 55 dB at 1 m, 30 dB at 6 m, 0 dB at 10 m
  • Design & Manufacture: Made in France

Installation and usage guide

EVO2+ Smart BAM V1 Smart BAM V2

The V1 covers all traps purchased before June 2021 (double doors).

All our tips for your BAM

Here you will find tips and information you will need for your mosquito trap:

Read our client feedback and watch their testimonial videos: Our Qista advisers are available:
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