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Smart BAM

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The Qista solution operates using the combined action of the trap and the consumables (CO2 and olfactory lure adapted to the type of mosquito – tiger or common). Choosing the required number of months for consumables when purchasing the Smart BAM makes it possible for you acquire all your equipment for the first season of use in a single pack. For the following seasons, you will only need to order the required quantity of consumables.

The Smart BAM trap

Remotely programmable and controllable using its Smartphone app, it is fitted with many sensors that are used to collect and analyse environmental data in real time. For example, the Smart BAM counts the number of captured mosquitoes and cross references this data with the weather data and the period. It can therefore adapt its operation and switch itself off when conditions are not favourable to the presence of mosquitoes. Remote programming and control allow up to 30% CO2 consumption savings.

The remote control makes it possible for each machine to communicate with its user. Users can then change operating settings directly from the app installed on their Smartphone.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it a fully mobile object that blends in easily with the outdoor environment and your garden furniture.

The consumables

  • The carbon dioxide is from recycling. Qista does not produce any CO2 and contributes to the ecological fight against mosquitoes.
  • Octenol is an olfactory lure that reproduces the odorous molecules produced by the human body.

When used in compliance with Qista recommendations, the consumables are harmless to people, animals and the environment.

The concept

The Qista mosquito solution is based on patented technology that works in 3 steps: attraction of mosquitoes from a distance, approach and capture.

Qista solutions provide lasting protection from mosquitoes. Mosquitoes will be eliminated from your patios, gardens and parks and your family or customers will be protected from their bites.

Discover the concept



Female mosquitoes will start being captured as soon as your mosquito trap is started up. You haven’t noticed an immediate difference? Don’t worry. During the first weeks, the effectiveness of your trap will be progressive: the mosquito eggs already in your garden or in your neighbours’ gardens will only be captured after they hatch. You will notice a significant decrease in the number of mosquitoes from the second month of use.

Remember: Your QISTA BAM lowers the average number of mosquito bites in your garden by 88%, a very low number of mosquitoes may remain.

When used to maximum effectiveness, each trap can protect surface areas of up to 10,000m2 thanks to its 60m radius of action.


The optimum effectiveness of the mosquito trap can be altered by obstacles (building, fence, pool house, etc.) between the trap and the source of the mosquitoes. We therefore recommend carefully choosing the location for your Qista trap in order to be protected as much as possible.

The CO2 trap can capture tiger mosquitoes, common mosquitoes and also black flies (hematophagous flies) depending on which lures are used, which is why it is important to choose the right lure for the zone to be protected.

The anti-mosquito machine captures the mosquitoes by sucking them into a net that must be emptied regularly.


  • Secure access to the electric system.
  • The machines run no risk of exploding and do not expose users to any toxic products.


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