Qista mobile app

Qista is a connected solution for the large-scale ecological fight against mosquitoes. It operates using remotely controlled mosquito traps installed outdoors to form a genuine mosquito barrier.

These traps are controlled using a free Smartphone app.

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Mobile app features

Location study: the essential step

You have discovered the Qista mosquito solution and are considering installing it on your property? Make sure you have the ideal installation plan!

Geolocate using the Qista mobile app and define the best location for your mosquito traps in just 4 steps:

  • Define your living areas
  • Define mosquitoes’ favourite locations
  • Identify the mosquito type
  • Enter your contact details

You will then receive your customised study by email with the locations for your mosquito traps recommended by the Qista experts.

This section is free to access without a customer account.

Trap control: comfort in a few clicks

You have installed your Qista traps? Control them remotely!

Get hassle-free mosquito protection by remotely configuring your traps. You can get all the important information on your machine operation and the different programmes from the Smartphone app. Using the mosquito app, you can:

  • control your machines individually or grouped together
  • choose the operating programme that best suits your outdoor space
  • check your consumable status
  • view capture statistics for each trap
  • view weather data

The control menus are reserved for authenticated users: connection using your qista.com customer account login and password.

The app in video

Discover a video of the Smart BAM control app


Qista répond présent dans la lutte contre le paludisme au Mali

Invité par le MEDEF et Business France, Qista a eu l’occasion de se rendre à Bamako afin d’échanger sur les opportunités d'investissement qui s’ouvrent au Mali. Lors de la conférence de presse donnée à la Primature du Mali, nous avons pu exprimer avec fierté notre volonté d’apporter notre technologie dans ce pays.

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