Video testimonial of the manager of a B&B in Petite Camargue

Here at Qista, our customers are happy and want to shout about it!
Discover the testimonial of Jean-Charles Laroche, the manager of l’Oliveraie & Gîte de Paul - 30220 Aigues Mortes - Petite Camargue.

L’Oliveraie & Gîte de Paul is composed of an olive grove (sale of the estate’s olive oil) and 6 fully equipped luxury apartments for holiday letting. The issue with mosquitoes is simple! The property is located in Petite Camargue, mosquito country.

Mosquito Prevention Solution for Professionals


Jean-Charles, can you explain why you chose QISTA to fight the mosquitoes on the L’Oliveraie estate?

“Our customers come from all over Europe and are not used to this type of nuisance. To protect the customers staying in our apartments from mosquitoes, we chose to call on the services of QISTA.

Following the location study by QISTA, we equipped the quite large property with two mosquito traps, each one covering a diameter of about 120 metres. The choice of the mosquito trap location is strategic to obtain maximum effectiveness; we were very well advised.

Another interesting aspect at QISTA is their “made in France” innovating start-up side! We were convinced by the local French Tech side that we wanted to encourage.

But the determining factor for us was that our project was totally managed by QISTA. From the technical location study, through maintenance and after sales to replacing consumables, QISTA takes care of everything!

They call me to propose dates to come and replace the consumables. They ring the bell, I open the door, they do what they have to do and then leave without needing me at all. For me, that is the ideal offer, I have no hassle, nothing to remember, they do it all.

The objectives were largely achieved. Our customers are delighted to stay at the property away from the mosquitoes, and they come back for more stays. From a communication point of view, we can promote our beautiful Camargue region: Come to Camargue, there are not just mosquitoes, we have managed to get rid of them and you can come and spend a relaxing vacation!”

If you had to define QISTA in 4 words, what would they be?

“Professionalism, Mosquito killers, After-sales, Maintenance”

Thank you Jean-Charles for this testimonial that perfectly describes the benefits a tourism professional can get when deciding to install QISTA mosquito traps.

Find out more about the Oliveraie & Gîte de Paul 

Whether you have a café or restaurant terrace, a campsite, open-air theatre, apartments...don’t let mosquitoes invade them! Discover the only eco-friendly insecticide-free solution that can protect large surface areas from mosquitoes without bothering your customers.

Mosquito Prevention Solution for Professionals



Full transcript of the video testimonial:

"To put things in context, here we are at the Oliveraie de Paul, in Aigues-Mortes, in Petite Camargue. My name is Jean-Charles Laroche and with my wife, we manage these apartments and the olive grove. 

The issue with mosquitoes is simple: we are in Petite Camargue, mosquito country. We have customers coming from all over Europe who are not used to the problem and we protect them from the mosquitoes by using Qista services. We have equipped our vast property with two traps, each covering a diameter of about 120 metres. They were both installed by the Qista managers who directed us on where to place the boxes so that they provide the best mosquito treatment.

Another interesting aspect at Qista is the Made in France side, the growing start-up side of things... They contacted us at their very beginnings and the French Tech aspect of things made us want to encourage this local company.

What was also a determining factor was the completeness of the offer. This means all the technical part we already spoke about, but also the service and after-sales aspects. I don’t have to do anything. They call to tell me “we’re coming over to replace the consumables”, I open the door, they do what they have to do and then leave. Goodbye. For me, that offer is ideal because I have no hassle at all.

Professionalism, Mosquito killers, After-sales, Maintenance. Its excellent.

In terms of objectives, we can say they were largely achieved. Both at our level because we noticed customer renewal, they come back. And at our communication level, we are able to sell Camargue and say “come to Camargue, there are not just mosquitoes. We managed to get rid of them, so come and spend a relaxing vacation”.

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