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The effectiveness of the Qista mosquito trap is scientifically proven, but above all it has the approval of its users. Discover how individuals, tourism professionals or community facilities got rid of the nuisance caused by mosquitoes in their gardens or parks.

  • “Now there are no more customer complaints, they were really bothered by bites during meals and in the rooms. It’s an effective solution.”

    Roland Arnaudet, Maintenance manager,5 star hotel-restaurant Oustau de Baumanière, les Baux de Provence, 2018
  • “It’s the best and the most efficient, having tested many solutions this is the most effective. The staff are great, the subscription package gives peace of mind and the app works well for monitoring. [...]. I highly recommend this product, it's a magic investment! 80 female mosquitoes taken out every day, we have a new lease of life”

    Jean-Francois S.Manager of GO SERVICE, 2020 on GOOGLE
  • “Hyères before and after QISTA... there’s no comparison, no more mosquitoes! Which means: aperitifs for us at 7 p.m. on the sea-facing terrace!! This was impossible before without mosquito repellent! Well done on this brilliant invention. "

    Christelle Capitaine, Head of corporate partnerships and environmental project leaders, LinkedIn, 06/06/2021
  • “Quick response with the location assessment, trap delivered relatively quickly, [...] nearly 300 mosquitoes caught in 3 weeks, it's given us a new lease of life!”

    by Anne-Claude P., 10/08/2019 comment through Verified Reviews

Other video testimonials: A village in Camargue A B&B in Provence

  • I live right by the sea and there’s a reservoir behind me. There are ten times fewer mosquitoes since these machines have been in operation!

    by Thomas S, a resident of Hyères interviewed by Le Parisien, Hyères, 2020
  • "“Finally a product that works!!! Just fantastic, with a team on hand to advise you. I really recommend it! The results are amazing, well done!!!”"

    by Max D. 19/03/2019 comment on Google
  • “A very reliable company both in terms quality of products sold and fulfilling its commitments”

    by Philippe C. 2021 on Google
  • “A fantastic French-made invention and a machine that uses cutting edge technology. We're delighted with this investment and we can finally make the most of our summers!”

    by Marc A. 2020 on Google
  • "“Trap installed in the summer of 2019. I don't regret my investment! It’s a pleasure to have friends over outside in the evening without the risk of being bitten. An eco-responsible trap that is safe for children.”"

    by Ben K. 01/03/2020 comment on Google
  • "[...]my friends can now come back to mine in the evening for a meal or drinks, something they didn’t do before… Because we couldn’t dine on the patio without being devoured by the mosquitoes. We have been given a new lease of life.”

    by Philippe Martinez, Special deputy for Le Sambuc, Arles, Camargue, 2018
  • I must say that these mosquito traps don’t use any chemicals and are very practical. I don't have one single mosquito now at home in the Hyères port neighbourhood!”

    by Béatrice B. on 19/06/2021 on Facebook
  • “The system is effective, but above all the Qista team is engaged in its customer relations and always friendly.”

    by Jean-Marc L. 2021 on Google
  • “I must say that the result is surprisingly effective! We have practically no mosquitoes on our terrace.”

    by Didier P. 2021
  • “Well done on this innovation because mosquitoes are becoming increasingly resistant and spreading disease. A promising future for this French invention. I’m very enthusiastic about it! Thank you”

    by Nadine H., 24/07/2015 comment on Google
  • “Seamless delivery at the day and time stated and great fitter Within a week everything worked perfectly”

    by Stanislas C., in 2021
  • “One trap, placed according to the recommendations of the Qista team, and we have rediscovered the pleasure of spending summer evenings outside as a family, in Provence, in Eyguières [...] thank you”

    by Bernard K. 2020 on Google


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