Fight against the tiger mosquito: the city of Carpentras choose the ecological and connected solution of Qista

The town of Carpentras has 11 connected mosquito traps and the residents seem to be welcoming the news with excitement based on the reactions on the town's Facebook page.

The proliferation of the tiger mosquito in Vaucluse

During the past 4 years, the Vaucluse health authorities and residents have noticed the spread of the tiger mosquito in the area. The department has been entirely colonised, including the town of Carpentras.

Beyond the problem of comfort, it is a real public health issue as the tiger mosquito is a vector of serious viral diseases such as Dengue, Chikungunya or even the Zika virus. Faced with the need to fight against the tiger mosquito, the town of Carpentras decided to act.

Qista mosquito trap in Carpentras - Vaucluse

The town of Carpentras turned to an environmentally responsible and connected solution

The usual large scale mosquito control technique generally consist of dispersing neurotoxic chemical products in great quantities with no precise selectivity regarding the targeted insect. The impact of this spraying and fumigation on biodiversity is catastrophic, however these solutions were previously the only ones to prove effective on large areas.

The town of Carpentras preferred to shift towards a solution that is environmentally friendly, selective (only traps the female mosquito that bites) and non-toxic for humans.  

La Provence newspaper dedicated an article to the news in its 9 August issue.

Qista installed 11 mosquito traps around the main water retention ponds to control the proliferation of the insect. The innovation of the Qista solution is that every trap is connected to ensure statistical monitoring of capture and effectiveness.

For greater practicality, the mosquito traps installed in Carpentras are completely self-sustaining as they are powered by solar panels. They are also protected from vandalism (anti-intrusion and anti-graffiti).

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