City of Hyères: 157 anti-mosquito traps installed by Qista

Since spring 2019, Qista has been installing mosquito traps in the town of Hyères.

To the great relief of its constituents, Hyères saw the installation of 157 mosquito traps for the summer of 2019, strategically placed in the most infested areas according to a field study by Qista experts.

The municipality communicated in detail about this large scale mosquito control operation on its website and in its communication on the fight against mosquitoes:

The residents of Hyères voiced their excitement on social networks following a release from the municipality announcing the initiative, here are some of the more than supportive comments:

  • «It works really well [...] thanks for finally taking action!»
  • «Brilliant, finally mosquito-free nights, thanks to the town hall for this amazing initiative!!!»
  • «Really good initiative and it works!!! Far less mosquitoes»
  • «We feel the difference!»
  • «Excellent initiative that is effective, the mosquitoes have nearly disappeared […] we can live in the garden again»

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