Anti mosquito machines

Eco-friendly, easy to use and with smart technology, find the Qista mosquito traps for individuals and professionals here.

Easy to use and controlled remotely our smart mosquito traps are suitable for your garden so you can make the most of it with your family, the terrace of your restaurant to protect your customers or across your town to make the lives of your citizens easier.

Plus efficace que les produits traditionnels (répulsifs et autres pièges), le dispositif anti moustique Qista est la solution d’extérieur de démoustication reconnue par les professionnels (88% de moustiques en moins, prouvé scientifiquement - fabrication & brevet français).


Qista’s mosquito trap system is combined with consumables such as olfactory lures and recycled CO2.

The traps work best when the consumables are replaced in time. Find the consumables for your trap here: the olfactory lures attracting female mosquitoes (tiger ones or traditional ones) and the bottle of recycled CO2 which form a single refill pack which should be replaced every month.

You are also advised to change the mosquito trap’s gas filter and capture net before each season for better capture.


For the best installation of your mosquito trap, we recommend that you use the accessories available at our online store: extension cords, waterproof case, replacement net, etc.


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