Anti mosquito machines

From the classic trap for private or professional use to the urban trap designed for community use, discover our line of connected mosquito capture machines, whatever your needs.

Easy to use and remotely controllable using a Smartphone app, the Qista mosquito solutions will provide long-lasting and ecological protection from tiger and common mosquitoes. A true “mosquito vacuum cleaner”, Qista machines attract female mosquitoes and then trap them by sucking them inside the machine.

Plus efficace que les produits traditionnels (répulsifs et autres pièges), le dispositif anti moustique Qista est la solution d’extérieur de démoustication reconnue par les professionnels (88% de moustiques en moins, prouvé scientifiquement - fabrication & brevet français).


Discover the range of consumables for the optimal operation of Qista machines, lure recharges to attract the tiger or traditional mosquito, voucher for your CO2 bottle, etc.

Save money and stock up on consumables for the season with recharge packs.


For the best installation of your mosquito control trap, we recommend using the accessories available in our online store: extension cords, waterproof protection, replacement netting, etc.


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