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All the expertise of Qista on the issue of mosquitoes and vector control in France and internationally.

With its patented technology and its large scale studies, Qista provides concrete answers to mosquito-related health issues worldwide. The Qista trap captures a huge number of mosquitoes aiming to eliminate them in equipped areas. Qista technology is also a real tool for monitoring and preventing the spread of disease thanks to the data collected by the installed traps. Research and development of new solutions to fight against the spread of disease are complemented by our teams’ experience. Qista is rich in expertise and people skills.

One of a kind worldwide

By approaching preventive healthcare through big data, going forward Qista is able to carry out predictive analysis of the proliferation of mosquitoes and the spread of vector-borne diseases.

The installation of Qista traps serves 2 different but complementary objectives:

1.Mosquito control

Implement a large scale treatment programme to reduce the bite rate in infested areas and put in place monitoring follow-up.

2.Prevention and prediction

Carry out a situational analysis of the presence of mosquitoes and vector-borne diseases over a given geographical area to collect information and obtain accurate predictions to better anticipate and trigger preventive measures at the appropriate time.

Qista trap image

Statistical Analyses

Qista trap image


Qista trap image

Remote Control

Qista trap image

Environmental Sensors

Already installed in big cities in mainland France and overseas, the Qista solution is also an actor in the fight against mosquitoes in the most impacted regions worldwide (Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Reunion Island). Through alliances with different States and institutions, Qista generates interest from large organisations active in vector control in areas highly impacted by mosquito-related diseases.

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