Installing and commissioning the mosquito trap

You have just purchased a Qista mosquito trap. Here is some practical advice on how to install it and start making the most of your mosquito-free outdoors.


Installation by Qista

If you are installing your trap in the Southern France zone and have chosen to have it installed by Qista, all you need to do is to be present at the installation location for the appointment made at the time of ordering. Our technicians will do the rest!

Installing yourself

Are you installing your trap yourself? Nothing can be simpler!

  1. Find the location recommended on the location report and place your trap there.
  2. Start assembling the trap as shown on the supplied installation instructions.
  3. Install the consumables: connect the CO2 as shown in the instructions and place the lure in the trap chimney.
  4. Connect your trap to the electricity supply.

That’s it, everything is up and running! All you need to do is programme the operating times:

  • If you have a BAM Evo 2+, the operation is carried out directly on the programmer located inside the machine.
  • If you have a Smart BAM, the different programming modes can be controlled from the Qista app.

Download the Qista app

Have you lost your installation instructions? You can find them directly in the technical documentation section on the product page for your trap.

Installation Guide



Qista répond présent dans la lutte contre le paludisme au Mali

Invité par le MEDEF et Business France, Qista a eu l’occasion de se rendre à Bamako afin d’échanger sur les opportunités d'investissement qui s’ouvrent au Mali. Lors de la conférence de presse donnée à la Primature du Mali, nous avons pu exprimer avec fierté notre volonté d’apporter notre technologie dans ce pays.

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