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  • Anti-mosquito
  • Traditional Mosquito
  • Tiger Mosquito
  • Selectivity
  • Toxicity
  • Natural process

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Starter Kit BAM Evo 2+


  • Compact size
  • Important radius of action
  • Bottle deposit
  • Free implantation study


The Evo 2+ trap, light and mobile, blends easily with your outdoor decor. Its compact size gives the impression that it's a piece of garden furniture that's aesthetically pleasing and that will fit your garden perfectly, and the Carbopub CO2 bottle is hidden inside the unit.

By simulating human respiration with CO2 and an olfactory lures, the Qista anti-mosquito trap allows you to sustainably protect against mosquito nuisance in a way that is both ecological and safe for other living creatures. You protect your family or customers from mosquito bites and attacks which ensures the comfort of your outdoor spaces.


  • Operating radius of 60 meters around the anti-mosquito trap, i.e. more than 10,000 m2 in optimal conditions.
  • Programmable operating hours of the terminal, saving up to 10 days of CO2.
  • Carbopub CO2 diffusion is automated and synchronised by the machine's electrical supply.


  • Obstacles such as a house or fence between the BAM and the mosquito can hinder attracting mosquitoes and reduce the effectiveness of this ecological trap. Make sure to place your respiratory simulator in order to optimize its olfactory lure.
  • The CO2 trap captures tiger mosquitoes, traditional mosquitoes and arabis depending on the lures used.
  • Empty the mosquito net regularly.


  • Secure access to the electrical system.
  • The traps pose no risk of explosion and do not omit any toxic products.


  • On/Off System : manual
  • Power supply (V) : 230
  • Electrical connection : Home network
  • Type of oxidiser : CO2 Carbopub (non-explosive gas)
  • Batterie : No
  • Locking system : Lockable padlock
  • Range : 60 meters
  • Anti-theft system : No
  • Dimensions : 110cm*52cm*30cm
  • Weight : 16KG


Attention, the packaging of the package to be handed back against a signature if seems to be damaged:

  1. Refuse the parcel which will then be returned directly to the sender.
  2. Receive the package and make written, accurate, complete, quantified, dated and signed reservations on the delivery note. Failing this, the goods shall be deemed to have been delivered in good condition.*
Raccordement électrique Home electrical network
Rayon d'action 60m Range of action
Garantie 2 ans Warranty
Paiement sécurisé Secure payment
3x free of charge
Livraison Delivery
outside CO2
SAV After Sales Service

Consumable CO2 cartridges

With our Air Liquide partnership, you have several hundred collection points in France and abroad for your CO2 bottles.

CO2 Carbopub is stored in liquid form, which involves the use of packaging which must meet several safety standards. The return of the packaging after 60 days after collection makes it possible to perform these tests under good conditions. After this period, and in accordance with the general conditions of sale, you expose yourself to penalties for non-return of packaging.

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