Acquiring your trap

You have discovered the Qista solution and want to get kitted out to finally be able to make the most of your open air spaces? Here is some practical advice to get started.

location assessment

We recommend a location assessment to determine the best solution for the area to be protected. Depending on the layout and surface area of the outdoor space to be protected, this assessment will make it possible to define the number of traps to be installed, their most strategic location to slow down mosquito intrusion and the type of lure you need.

To carry out the assessment, it couldn't be easier: install the Qista app on your Smartphone and let it guide you. All you need to do is define your living areas, the areas where you have noticed an increase in mosquitoes and the sector to be protected. You can also input the type of mosquito found (tiger or traditional) if you have been able to identify it. One of our Qista experts will then send you a personalised assessment by email with appropriate advice for the location of your trap, or set of traps if you have several of them.

Find out more about the Qista app

If you don't have a device to download the Qista app or if you would like help from our team, you can also contact one of our experts for telephone or email support.


In the location report that you will receive following this assessment, a pre-filled basket will be made available to you: this corresponds exactly to your circumstances and contains the recommended trap(s) as well as the required consumables and accessories for set-up.

Click on the pre-filled basket attached to your report. Or go to the Our Products section and manually add the products recommended by Qista experts to the basket. Then complete the order process by following the steps.

Consumables delivery

Several delivery options and related services are available depending on the requested delivery area. French departments in the Southern zone  are eligible for the following delivery options and services:

    • Collection from Qista: Collect your consumables by appointment at our premises in Sénas or Toulouse (only available for departments 13, 31 and 84).
    • Collection from Air Liquide: You receive a package by post including your lures and a collection voucher to collect your bottle of CO2 from an Air Liquide collection point.
    • Standard delivery: Two packs of consumables will be delivered to your home every two months.
    • GOLD+ maintenance: QISTA takes care of everything! Every month, our field experts deliver and replace the consumables as well as ensuring the cleaning and maintenance of your trap. With the new GOLD+ maintenance, you can also benefit from a larvae analysis of your soil. This home service includes:
      • consumables set-up and change
      • start-up and programming
      • training on using the app to control your trap remotely
      • trap inspection and CO2 output
      • emptying the capture net
      • machine cleaning
      • winterisation
      • larvae analysis of the soil
      • material on the mosquito lifecycle

(only available with the “Qista installation and start-up” option when you place your order)

For our customers in French departments in the Northern zone, one of our transport partners will deliver the trap and the lures. The CO2 is to be collected from one of our partner Air Liquide’s distribution points.

Qista stores & collection points


Qista au Sénégal : lancement du projet Moniprev à Kaolack

Le projet Moniprev financé par la Direction Générale du trésor est lancé ! La ville de Kaolack va bénéficier d'une implantation de 104 bornes anti-moustiques écologiques pour lutter contre le paludisme aux côtés du PNLP (Programme National de Lutte contre le Paludisme).

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